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Marketing Operations: What Is It?

Great marketing is more than a “big idea” that sells your product or service. The key to successful marketing is strategy. Marketing Operations (or MarketingOps) is how we ensure your brand gets in front of the target audience in repetitious and influential patterns. So, in today’s digital world, that means merging marketing best practices with modern technical solutions.


What MarketingOps Professionals Do

Marketing cannot be stagnant. Over time, marketing solutions must be analyzed and optimized. As marketing becomes more effective, customer engagement increases, and so do profits. To achieve this evolution, a team of diverse skill sets coordinates efforts.

  • SEO specialists develop keyword strategies to help brands stay relevant in searches.
  • Content experts develop written concepts that incorporate the SEO words and the brand’s unique selling proposition, thereby positioning the brand for consumer appeal.
  • Creative teams weave the content into engaging visuals and videos that grab the target audience’s attention.
  • Digital teams focus on building a website and social media strategy that incorporates coordinated SEO, content, and creative elements.
  • Tech teams coordinate software solutions to enhance marketing intelligence, such as using a content management system or customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Marketing strategists ensure all the functions above work synergistically to maintain brand integrity.
  • Marketing analysts gather baseline data and then continually monitor the data to evaluate the effectiveness and recommend improvements for each strategy.

MarketingOps work collectively to reach a unified goal for your business and grow your bottom line.

Success depends on a good process. And in today’s highly digital world, marketing teams use technical insight to enhance the process by identifying automation opportunities that can streamline the workflow.

From market research to plan implementation and evaluation, MarketingOps is influential in enhancing the customer journey using technology.

The Value of MarketingOps

When a business experiences profit, marketing teams must understand what drove that purchase behavior. To influence and recreate the behavior, marketers must be able to attribute the conversions. Understanding advertising and campaign performance allows the MarketingOps team to guide your customers through the marketing funnel and help you invest more of your marketing dollars where you’ll get results.

How does the team gather this insight? From analytics. We help you interpret the data, so you will understand the best times to place ads, what platforms to use, what type of content performs best, and what offer will result in the conversion.

As you work with Balanced Company, you will see proof of the value. The data will demonstrate revenue growth and customer engagement. And you are likely to see an improvement in marketing effectiveness by up to 25 percent.

Understanding Your Needs

Each client’s needs are unique. So, when you begin working with we’ll do a deep dive to understand the marketing challenges your company is working to overcome. Then, we’ll work with you to develop the solutions that make the most sense for your team and brand.

Our MarketingOps team will serve as an extension of your team to supplement the work that needs to be done and to provide skills development training to strengthen your internal team’s processes and expertise.


Real Scenarios

Here are ways clients are using our MarketingOps service

The Problem The Solution
The client invested in a diverse portfolio of online advertising platforms and didn't know which ones were responsible for conversions. The MarketingOps team attributed leads and optimized the investment strategy, so no ad dollars are wasted.
The client had too many analytics portals that they could not streamline the data enough to make informed decisions. The MarketingOps team implemented systems and developed reporting flows to help understand ROI.
The client was routing all leads into one bucket that it became cumbersome for SalesOps, and expensive. The MarketingOps team developed a scoring system to identify and optimize efforts for leads that are most likely to make a purchase.

Our Org is Your Org

Making all the parts of Marketing Operations co-exist cohesively can be overwhelming. Maybe you don’t have the resources to build an internal team equipped to handle all the daily demands of MarketingOps. That’s where a partner like Balanced Company comes in.

Let us be an extension of your team. We can look at your current process and plans and help you coordinate your operations more efficiently. Knowing the best place to direct your resources will help you target and reach your intended audience more effectively. In turn, your conversion rates will go up, and your return on investment will be exponentially better.

How We Collaborate

  • We’ll guide you through research to truly understand your customers and the best customer journey to achieve conversion.
  • We’ll work with you to set SMART goals for your marketing strategy to support your overall business goals.
  • We’ll define the steps you need to round out your marketing plans and tactics, from selecting the right digital tactics to optimizing your website's customer experience.
  • We’ll monitor and track performance metrics to recommend optimization efforts to drive success.
  • And we’ll not only act as an extension of your team, but we’ll also help you organize the teams and processes you already have in place.

We Align and Optimize Your Marketing Operations

We'll align your MarketingOps process to score leads, route them through the customer journey, and attribute conversions.

  • Score Leads

    Not all customers are created equally, so the value of scoring leads allows you to target the consumers most likely to make a purchase. We can even offer technology solutions to automate this process.

  • Route Leads

    Once you’ve captured the interest of consumers most likely to make a purchase, your marketing funnel will lead them through the customer journey to make the conversion.

  • Attribute Conversions

    And in the end, you’ll be able to attribute the conversions thanks to transparent data derived from proper measurement protocols.

  • Optimize & Repeat

    Once you have developed a successful process, you will repeat it and optimize it over time. The data will continue to help you make informed decisions. And you’ll continue to see improvements in your return on investment.


Ready to get started?

So are we! Let us transform your business data into actionable insights to generate sustainable growth.